Eindhoven 2014

Starfire`s El Papito  best of breed
6th place in the group
This was his first dutch show, I am very proud of him



Zaphira Exotica von Ollishof best bitch of show



Hoogstraten 2014

Trudy's Mai-Tai Special for Fairytalelands was best female in dogshow hoogstraten in Belgium
she wins C.A.C. - C.A.C.I.B.


Winner Amsterdam: December 2013
After a weekend ful of blessings the results of the double Amsterdan Winner show on 13 and 14 december
 Trudy`s Mai-Tai Special for Fairytalelands
 Friday;  Rec C.A.C and C.A.C.I.B and Dutch Champion!
 Saterday; Best Female and Winster 2013  and Best of Breed.
 I`m so very proud of my little beautiful girl, my little darling!
Glamour Boy Catharina`s Pomeranian
 Both Days on the Amsterdam Winner Show 2013
 Best Puppy in Show


Oss 2013
Zaphira Exotica von Ollishof  best Female in Dogshow Oss
Zaphira wins C.A.C-C.A.C.I.B



Goes 2013

Trudy`s Mai-Tai Special for Fairytalelands Best Female in Dogshow Goes.
Molly wins C.A.C-C.A.C.I.B!!


Leiden 2013
Molly Res C.A.C-CACIB in dogshow Leiden.



Groningen 2013

Trudy's Mai-Tai Special Best Female in Dogshow Groningen!!!

Fairytalelands Black Daddy
best puppy in Dogshow Groningen



 Eindhoven 2013


Trudy's Mai-Tai Special for Fairytalelands
On her first show in Holland Molly wins Best female - Best of breed - Best in group-4 Best in Show!!
My little darling did a great job today, I'm so very proud!